Open Innovability®

Open Innovability® is the crowdsourcing platform created by Enel for innovative and sustainable solutions. It is based on two concepts that sum up our Group’s philosophy.


The first is Innovability®. This is a combination of innovation and sustainability. For Enel, innovation and sustainability are both fundamental and inter-dependent: sustainability requires ongoing innovation and, for innovation to be genuinely useful, it must be sustainable. We also believe that if innovation and sustainability are combined, they can lead to solutions that can genuinely change the world.

The second key concept is Enel’s Open Power strategy. This is based on the belief that ideas can come from anywhere. Our aim in following this strategy is to create the best possible energy innovation ecosystem. We want to build a network of talents, ideas, technologies, and resources. This is in order to drive the energy sector’s transition, helping to make it smarter, more accessible, efficient, and reliable.

These are the ideas on which our Open Innovability® crowdsourcing platform is based. It is, by definition, open to everyone. So far, it has reached a community of 500,000 “active solvers” from over 100 different countries, who have proposed over 7,000 solutions. Anyone can contribute by sending challenge-driven solutions or spontaneous projects. Because we believe that openness is the only way to create shared added value.