Being Enel

Open Power for a brighter future
We empower sustainable progress

This is the approach that underlies our daily commitment and motivates all of us on the Enel team. We are Open Power in order to improve everyone's future, and this goal must be achieved through a new approach that combines a commitment to sustainability with the best in innovation.

We start with our people, our core values, our skills, and our qualities. They represent the way we work and are the key to a better future.

Are you with us?

Our promise

No one ever said that changing the world would be easy.
Here at Enel, we are tackling climate change by driving the energy transition through the electrification of consumption. And we are looking for people who want to play a part.
Being part of our team means finding the most sustainable solutions on the energy scene. It means prioritizing and fostering innovation and safety in everything we do.
It also means collaborating across cultures and constantly seeing the world from new perspectives.
The challenge is personal, but we can overcome it together. Enel gives you the energy to change the world.

65,178 People

Employees from many different cultures and backgrounds

30 Countries

We are present on five continents

66.8 milion Customers

We are providing energy access to more people


We work each and every day to improve the quality of life on the Planet


Enel’s work is based on transparency – in the power plants, in our distribution activities, in the offices and stores where we meet our customers. Our success depends on the trust we build every day with the communities and people we work with.


Each of us is responsible for the health of our Planet. At Enel, every team member challenges themselves to create solutions to drive not just a fully electrified future but an equitable one as well.  


At Enel, we drive innovation to make sure the best and most creative ideas don’t remain on the drawing board, but rather go to help improve people’s lives. If you want to make a difference and innovation is part of your mindset, then Enel is the place for you.


Enel has an ambitious vision for improving the quality of life with sustainable energy. In order to make this happen, we need creative people from a broad range of backgrounds, who can think out of the box, who like asking questions and who see challenges as opportunities.

Life at Enel

“Being Open Power” Inspiring passion. Igniting innovation.

We embody teamwork and collaboration. When you join Enel, you join a group of people with the same interest in powering the transition to a fully electrified future and ensuring it’s accessible to all. Our global presence provides a diverse network of activities and unlocks vast opportunities for professional growth. We are one of the leading global organizations helping to make a positive change to the living conditions on the Planet from both a social and environmental perspective.

Working at Enel means opening up to this new world and playing an active role in change. We are looking for people who are open to this challenge, who are ready to follow unexplored paths and to enjoy a professional and personal adventure where diversity, creativity, and excellence are not simply aspirations, but daily experiences. Open Power sums up the way we live today in order to build for tomorrow: every day, every project, every task is an opportunity to discover new scenarios and open up to ideas and solutions.


A new type of leadership based on kindness

What is leadership and what does it mean to be a leader in the workplace? Our concept of leadership has changed in recent years as we realized we needed to rethink the roles within the company. This is why we permanently shelved our old leadership hierarchy in favor of a new kindness-based model. Kind leadership builds a virtuous mechanism of care in the relational space based on listening and sharing, in order to create a working environment in which motivation and wellbeing foster productivity and sustainability. This change is also underpinned by the concept of sustainability, which refers not just to the environment but also to the network of relationships that we are all part of.

How we work

We have a flexible organizational culture that has people as its central focus – we involve them and help them to create value through collaboration in an efficient way.

Agile methodology and remote working

The digital revolution is giving us the opportunity to rethink our business model and our organization. We apply an agile methodology to a whole slew of processes and projects, involving colleagues from different areas and using the very best new technologies and data. We also use remote working to help reconcile our people’s private lives with their professional commitments, thereby improving their quality of life. 

Personal development and continuous learning

We believe in a Human2Human approach and in continuous learning. We offer personalized development courses such as coaching, mentoring and job shadowing. We make use of a global training platform with thousands of examples of content on demand in five languages.



People are the center of a harmonious, virtuous triangle founded on wellbeing, driven by motivation which helps us achieve sustainable, long-lasting results together. We promote a work-life balance, physical, psychological and intellectual wellbeing, and a good social life both inside and outside the company.

Remote working and continuous learning

to foster a good work-life balance and keep employees constantly updated by helping them to broaden the scope of their knowledge and skills. 

Healthcare assistance, insurance policies and supplementary pension funds

which guarantee greater peace of mind and security in everyday life and for the future. We provide people with personalized support because their health is our priority.

Meal vouchers, company welfare and discounts for employees

because the wellbeing and needs of people and their families outside the workplace are also important for us. 

Company computers and phones

constantly updated with the latest technologies so that our employees can work flexibly and efficiently.  


Diversity and Inclusion

For us at Enel, diversity means recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and their personal contribution to teamwork, their ability to provide an original perspective that enriches us all, strengthening our vocation for innovation and sustainability. This is why we have committed to creating an inclusive working environment in which everyone has the chance to play their part in company processes.

Our commitment to promoting cultural diversity is clear from the fact that we have staff with over 80 different nationalities who speak 24 different languages in the various countries in which we have a presence.  

In 2021, women accounted for 52.1% of the candidates selected. 23.6% of our managers were women compared to 21.6% in 2020, while 31.4% of middle management were female (up from 30.4% in 2020). 

In 2022, Bloomberg included us in its Gender Equality Index for the third time in acknowledgment of the actions we took to promote the presence of women on the Board, in managerial positions and as new hires, our contribution in terms of equal pay, design of social benefits and work/life balance solutions, and in sexual harassment prevention initiatives.

Also in 2022, we were named one of the Top 100 companies for the third year in Equileap’s Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, and were the highest of all the Italian companies present. This is the result of our actions to promote the presence of women on the Board, in managerial positions and in employee selection, for our contribution to equal pay and the promotion of the wellbeing and work/life balance of all of our employees. Our human rights, prevention of violence, abuse and sexual assault practices were also recognized.  

In 2022 Enel appeared once again in the Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index, topping the “Electric Utilities and Independent Power Producers” category, thanks to the growing presence of women at all levels throughout the organization.