A brief overview of our business, with advice on presenting an effective application and a step-by-step guide to how our selection process works

Find your team

In this section, you will find information about all of our areas so that you can understand which one could be the most suitable for your profile and aspirations.

Legal, Audit and Corporate Affairs
Are you interested in law? Do you think it can be a strategic lever in decisional processes? Do you believe that audits are an ecosystem that protects the value of a company? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then you are the person we’re looking for.
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People and Organization
Do you think that people are the driving force in a business? So do we. Our priority is to let their talent flourish in building the Enel of tomorrow together with them. Join us and make your contribution to the People R-Evolution.
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Innovation and Sustainability
Our true name is Innovability®: that’s because the only way to become more sustainable is with an open approach to technologies and innovative solutions. So, if you’re looking to the future and believe that creativity is the way to build a green business, then join us.
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We bring innovation and sustainability worldwide by listening and through dialogue. If you share these values and wish to promote them through our brand, then this is the right place for you.
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Administration, Finance and Control
We’re worldwide leaders in sustainable finance: would you like to take part in strategic decisions that enable a business to grow? Do you feel ready for challenges in the energy transition? Then join our team.
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Digital Solutions
Big data, IoT, Platformization, Cloud and Cybersecurity. If these are your preferred keywords, then it means that you believe in digitalization. Find out how we develop increasingly data-driven business models for guiding the energy transition, and take part in the electrification challenge.
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Procurement and Services
Purchasing goods and services, optimizing space management, developing a chain of values based on sustainability, the circular economy and digitalization. It’s an exciting challenge in a global, complex market: take it up by working together with us.
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Customer Operations and Retail
Do you also believe that customers are not just numbers? We listen to what they have say, work to simplify their daily tasks and build the future by offering them the most suitable solutions and excellent service. Help us improve their experience and satisfaction.
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Do you want to be a key player in the energy transition? Then smart grids are for you. Find out how we work with the most advanced integrated and sustainable solutions. Take part in the great challenge of the electrification of consumption.
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Energy and Commodity Management
Do you also think that while waiting for decarbonization, optimizing the supply of gas and fuel is essential by managing resources and risks efficiently? Join us in meeting the challenges of the energy market.
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Renewable Energies
Join us in looking for energy in the power of wind and water, in the heat of the Sun and in the depth of the Earth. Help build a better future with us.
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Help us make mobility sustainable by combining electrification, digitalization and decarbonization: you too can be part of this change.
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You are the future of energy, join us

Creativity, the ability to take what is essential and what is right, to imagine a shared future, to foster kindness and enhance the uniqueness of everyone: if these are your qualities, then we can make an impact together

Tips for candidates

A selection process that goes beyond formal requirements

The right skills and attitude are key for building a more sustainable world. We need your enthusiasm and your most significant experiences. This is why our selection process goes beyond a resume and formal job requirements.

Obviously, we value your qualifications and skills. Nevertheless, we also value your passion, your talent and your aspirations, your soft skills and your competencies, which are very important to us and for this reason we consider them essential in our selection process.

Write a resume that can outline your skills and passions

Some advice for you:

Be tidy, clear and simple. Try to fit your resume on one page.

Include essential information that can help you stand out right away, like education, experience, skills and non-business activities. This is because your passions often reveal the real you.

Include a brief description where you present your profile and explain why you should be chosen for the position. In addition to traditional skills, specify your soft skills (abilities that have to do with personal aptitude and not with technical expertise).

Outline your education and professional experiences in chronological order (last first).

Always include your contact details.

How to join us

Applying to work for Enel is simple: to join us just follow a few steps.


Explore the great variety of opportunities and roles that Enel has to offer. On our dedicated career website, you can search by area, place of work, or else use a keyword.


Upload your resume on our website and fill out the online form to apply. If you have applied for a job with Enel before, log in to your existing profile in order to save time. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email.


If your resume is of interest to us, one of our talent acquisition partners will contact you to explain the position for which you have applied and arrange an interview to further discuss your aptitude, passion and experience.

Recruiting Day

If our talent acquisition partner believes that your experience matches the position you are applying for, then you will be invited to take part in a Recruiting Day. Here you will be part of an assessment group that’s designed to help us find out more about your attitude and soft skills. This is a great opportunity to show your skills and share your passions. 


Once you have successfully completed the recruiting day, you will be invited to a technical interview. If you are the best applicant, then our talent acquisition partner will make you an offer to join the Enel team.

Join us in leading the energy transition

We are a worldwide leader in the electricity sector and a super major in the renewable energy sector. Our company was founded in 1962; we brought light to all of Italy and now we are leading the energy transition. We work for progress and for people. Here are all our numbers and goals.