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We provide the market with detailed information about our corporate governance system.

Corporate Governance System

Enel's corporate governance rules constitute an essential instrument to ensure an efficient and successful management and a reliable control tool of the activities carried out by the company, aiming at the creation of value for shareholders.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a central role in the Company's governance structure. Management of the Company is the exclusive responsibility of the Directors, who shall carry out the actions necessary to achieve the corporate purpose.


In order to implement the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code of listed companies, as well as to optimize its own work, the Board of Directors set up within itself an Internal Control and Risk Committee and a Nomination and Compensation Committee as early as January 2000.

Board of Statutory Auditors

The Board of Statutory Auditors currently in office was appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting for a term of three financial years. The Board's mandate will therefore expire with the Shareholders' Meeting to be convened for the approval of the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2024.




The system of controls operating within Enel includes the set of instruments aimed at ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, the bylaws, and internal procedures.


Enel’s remuneration policy is aimed at attracting, motivating, and retaining those resources that possess the most suitable professional skills to successfully manage the Company, stimulating the achievement of the strategic targets.

Bylaws, rules, and policies

In this section you can consult the bylaws, regulations, and policies approved by the Company's bodies in compliance with the provisions of current legislation and in line with best practices on corporate governance.

Internal dealing

The regulation of internal dealing concerns the public disclosure of transactions regarding the financial instruments issued by Enel, as well as derivatives or other financial instruments linked thereto, carried out by certain categories of persons.

Extraordinary operations

In this section you can consult documents relating to the non-proportional demerger of Enel Green Power in favor of the parent company Enel.

Share buyback programs and transactions of attribution of treasury shares

This section contains information on Enel’s share buyback programs and on the transactions of attribution of treasury shares.

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